The staff of the center is aware of the restrictions of patients and their relatives' routine activities, resulting from the reconstructive surgery of locomotor system and relative duration of the treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, for the patients and, particularly for the foreign citizens, we offer a wide range of services, some of which are listed below:

1. Reception at Yerevan International Airport.*

2. Accommodation. The accommodation is provided in 3, 4, 5 star hotels, as well as in comfortable apartments in the center of Yerevan and in the suburbs.

3. The staff of the center speaks Armenian, Russian and English, and upon request, we provide an interpreter for French, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi.

4. Beyond the intensive medical physical training procedures and upon the wish of the patients (especially children) and their relatives, we also offer music, art, foreign language and other classes during the course of the treatment to fill the days of the patients with various sources of positive emotions.

5. A tradition of good advantage during the course of treatment is regular tours to hot springs, which are situated 35-40 km away from Yerevan. Their natural temperature reaches 45. 0 C. The rich mineral composition, the presence of sulfates in particular, exercises sedative effect on the patient and is beneficial for skin.

6. Upon the patients' wish and especially during the fixation period we provide a tourist guide for short trips around Yerevan and the regions nearby. Armenia is a relatively small country, but it has a rich history, fascinating traditions and numerous climate zones.

* The mentioned services, except for point 1, are not included in the price of medical treatment.