Phoenix medical group.

Harry Sirounian MD, orthopedic surgeon from Phoenix AZ. Dr. Sirounian first came to Armenia after the earthquake in 1988, and since then he has been in Armenia and Kharabagh many times. He operated on several patients with gun shot fractures, and patients with knee problems. He himself brought and later organized the delivery of a significant amount of orthopedic equipment, including the second arthroscopic set in Armenia, C-arm, trauma table, orthopedic tools, etc. He helped to finance renovation during YCLLR reconstruction.

Ted Khachaturian MD. General practitioner and pathologist from Phoenix AZ. Dr. Khachaturian is often a welcome guest in Armenia. Dr. Ted and Andrea Khachaturian were the first who rendered financial assistance to renovation of YCLLR. They are one of the major sponsors of SHPA program (see SHPA), who supported the treatment of 4 patients from low income families. They support, on a regular basis, 4 families in village Margahovit, Vanadzor County.

World Vision Armenia.

In 2004 World Vision Armenia approved sponsorship of SHPA program. Four patients had been already treated with financial support from World Vision Armenia. Five patients are on the waiting list. For more information visit