The personnel working at the Center are fully trained and licensed. A core group of highly trained surgeons is supported by surgical staff with many years' practical experience. The nurses, rehabilitation personnel and physiotherapists provide conscientious and committed care. The guiding principle for all employees at the center is "To cure the patient, not the disease". 

Head of Clinic:

Arshak E. Mirzoyan, MD, DMS, trained and worked in Kurgan, Russia, directly under the leadership of Professor Ilizarov from 1980 to 1989. During that time he successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on treatment of congenital pseudoarthrosis with the Ilizarov technique. After establishing practice of the Ilizarov technique in Armenia, Dr. Mirzoyan was invited to Portland, Oregon, USA, where he practiced for two years as a licensed visiting professor. From there he went to Denmark to help to establish an Ilizarov center at the Aalborg Sygehus. In 2003, in Ilizarov Center in Kurgan, Russia, he successfully defended his scientific dissertation for Doctor of Medicine degree. The topic of the dissertation was "Use of Ilizarov Method in Cases of Mass Admission of Patients with Severe Trauma". In his more than 30 years of practice, he has treated over 2000 patients and authored over 50 papers in different medical publications worldwide.


Armen G. Charchyan--MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Traumatologist-Orthopedist. Head of Clinics of Trauma and Orthopedics in Erebouni MC; the Deputy General Director on Science, Head of joint replacement and arthroscopy services in YCLLR. More than 2000 total joints replacement.





Seiran V. Saroyan-Leading Surgeon- orthopedist of YCLLR, worked in Kurgan, Russia, directly under the leadership of Professor Ilizarov 5 years.






Arsen G. Vahramyan--Orthopedist-traumatologistof Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction, Orthopedist-traumatologist of Nairi Medical Center, and Executive Director of Armaveni Charitable Foundation.







Garsevan A. Malkhasyan--Orthopedist-traumatologist of Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction







Zohrab A. Gevorgyan--Orthopedist-traumatologist of Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction







Anatoli S. Gnuni - Senior anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist of Health Ministry of RA, the head of anesthesiology and intensive care unit departments in Nairi, Erebouni MCs and YCLLR.